Spring Clean Your Arteries with a Natural Artery Cleanse Process

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A large number of people have high cholesterol and clogged arteries, which means there is a large number of bypass surgeries performed each year across the country. However, studies performed by the Harvard Medical School and the US Office of Technology Assessment have proven that 85 percent of bypass surgeries performed were not necessary. Research also states that 4 percent of patients die during bypass surgery and another 19 percent experience a heart attack or stroke after the operation.


Before opting for surgery, patients should consider the various natural blood pressure herbal treatments available. There are natural blood pressures herbal treatments that ensure arteries remain clean and devoid of any unwanted materials that spoil easy movement of blood. Natural blood pressure herbal treatments are also great because they do not have any side effects. In fact, a large amount of these natural blood pressure herbal treatments can be used at home.


The first thing to do before performing a natural artery cleanse is to eat foods included in a healthy and balanced diet. A part of the natural artery cleanse process is to avoid foods high in saturated fats, preservatives, and sodium. Natural foods that contain good fats are considered to be beneficial when taking natural blood pressure herbal treatments.


There are various herbs that can be used during a natural artery cleanse. The following herbs can aid in the natural artery cleanse process and these herbs also have no side effects. The following herbs can be used as natural blood pressure herbal treatments.


* Ginger: Ginger is considered to be a natural stimulant for circulation. This root has been used in medicines in India, China, and Japan for centuries. It is believed that consumption of ginger can keep a heart healthy for years. This is possible because ginger cleanses the arteries and ensures they do not clog. Ginger also inhibits platelets aggregation, thereby keeping the blood thin and increasing blood flow.


* Arginine: An herb that is converted into nitric oxide, arginine helps to relax blood vessels. According to The National Institute of Health, ginger can also help with chest pain, erectile dysfunction, and other heart related issues.


* Gingko: Gingko has been used since 2800 BC and it is now the highest selling natural artery cleanse herb sold in the market.


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